Acquire durable innovation skills across your organisation.

Our learninglabs are the product of multiple iterations and feedback from thousands of people in various industries, organizational units and cultures that we have worked with. They are equally playful and practical workshops based on proven agile methodologies.

At the core of our learninglabs is the design thinking methodology, which we carefully mix with elements from service design, lean startup, visual thinking and other tried and true methods.

Through our learninglabs we demonstrate the power putting yourself in the customer's shoes and seeing their own perspective, the power of out-of-the-box ideas and how to harness it through iterrative testing and last but not least, the need for radical collaboration across departments to create true customer experience. Our introduction, learninglabs, will inform and inspire you to make the first steps in this direction. Our advanced modules will leave you with a team who is not only motivated and capable to navigate through all of these, but simply does so as a second nature.

The learninglabs are made for organizations willing to cultivate the mindsets, skills and habits for work on innovation and improvement projects. They are equally suitable for organizations that are just starting and for those ahead of the curve, who have already established Innovation Academies, Agile Labs and CX teams.

Wherever you are in the journey, our expertise in delivering exceptional workshops for both beginners and experts, and our proven experience in designing effective long-term training programs will get you further.


Introductory module at a glance

The introduction workshops aim to inform, raise awareness and inspire. They could be fully customized in terms of format and length. They could easily be integrated into learning & development programs, team building events or stand alone. They are meant to acquaint you with new concepts that you’re curious about e.g. customer-centred innovation, iterative design or radical collaboration. They can be focused on a specific methodology or a set of methodologies that you’re interested in adopting e.g. design thinking or service design. They can also introduce you to a kit of essential tools that are suitable to your organization’s industry or the type of work your team does e.g. customer research and customer journeys.


Who is it for:

Learning and development experts

Leadership esp.

Retail directors, Customer experience directors, Digital strategy manager,

Chief innovation officer

Customer experience teams

Innovation teams

Marketing & communication experts

Product owners, project managers and product development teams


What we’ll deliver:

A fully customized 2-hours to 2-days introduction training with expert trainers

Support materials and media formats


What’s in it for your organization:

Get acquainted with the latest innovative concepts, methodologies and tools

Get to know the basic principles of a specific methodology

Get to master the tools you need and upgrade your team’s toolbox with new ones

Be informed before you take decisions for future investments

Get inspired and have fun


Practitioner at a glance

Our practitioner program is meant to build new skills and durable habits. It is suitable for organizations willing to build or enhance their internal capacity for work on innovation and improvement projects. The program includes a hands-on introduction workshop followed by work on real projects. The introduction workshop is based on the design thinking methodology and has selected elements from other agile methodologies and is made to fit. It aims to align the team on the core principles – empathy, co-creation, iteration. It also introduces them to the tools for in-depth customer research, idea generation and rapid testing, which are needed for running innovation and improvement projects in sprints, before moving onto actually doing one. During the project sprint the participants have a dedicated coach who helps them apply the principles and tools in practice. This ensures that mindsets are internalized and skills are turned into habits.


Who is it for:

Product owners, project managers and product developers

Customer experience departments

Innovation departments

Marketing & communication experts

Sales representatives & customer facing staff

Corporate training experts


What we’ll deliver:

A 2-day introduction training with expert trainers

A customized toolbox of 10-12 fundamental instruments

A fully tailored coaching program during the project sprint


What’s in it for your organization:

Acquire a set of problem-finding and problem-solving skills and tools

Adopt skills for creative thinking and the innovator’s mindset

Develop capabilities to work in fast-paced project sprints

Better teamwork and interdepartmental collaboration

Higher engagement, motivation and creative confidence


Facilitator at a glance

The facilitator workshops allow the organization to scale and sustain its investment in building a culture and capabilities for innovation and customer centricity. The purpose of this module is to further develop the skills of some practitioners, who are suitable and willing to take on a bigger role within the organization. Our facilitator workshop prepares them to be trainers, coaches and ambassadors depending on the needs of the organization.


Who is it for:

Corporate training experts

Agile coaches, scrum masters or other internal facilitators and change makers

Product owners, project managers and product developers

Customer experience departments Innovation departments

Marketing & communication experts

Sales representatives & customer facing staff


What we’ll deliver:

A 2-day specialized training

A customized toolbox of 10-12 advanced instruments

Guidance how to design a training program or a project sprint

Expert tips how to deliver a training workshop and facilitate project sprint sessions


What’s in it for your organization:

A pool of internal trainers, coaches and ambassadors that can design new training format, deliver on-demand trainings, facilitate project sprints and support an innovative working culture.