The fastest way to get from problem to innovative solution.

At the heart of our projectlabs is the art and science of facilitation and co-creation, which we have mastered by working with hundreds of teams in various industries and organizations around the world.

Our projectlabs are based on the classical design sprint, which we sometimes condense, and often times convert in a series of short facilitated workshops to fit into the busy schedule of any team. In our projectlabs we step firmly on design thinking and scrum and will drag and drop from other agile methodologies like service design and futures thinking as needed.

Through our projectlabs we help teams move away from the world of old school - slow, linear, solution-centred way of working and onto the more contemporary - fast-paced, iterative, customer-first approach. This approach allows teams to effectively take user perspective and focus their creativity into designing for actual needs. It also allows them to explore and validate innovative concepts, quicker and at a low risk - leaving your company with tested solutions that balance desirability, viability and feasibility.

The projectlabs are made for organizations willing to go deeper and move faster on their most important projects. They are suitable for those organizations that have a pipeline of strategic innovation and improvement projects and want to accelerate them. They are also fit for organizations running or about to launch internal innovation challenges, accelerators and intrapreneurship programs, and need help facilitating multiple teams.

No matter how experienced or inexperienced your team is, through our work you'll enhance both project results and your confidence in running design sprints.


Innovationlabs at a glance

Innovation has become an indispensable activity for any organization. It brings growth, attracts talent like a magnet and energizes the workforce. Our innovation labs help you connect these dots. With our innovation labs we empower your team to act like a real start-up. Whether it’s during a 2-day hyper accelerated design sprint or a series of facilitated workshops that build up towards a full design sprint, we guide your team to go through all the phases of the design process – from understanding the hidden needs and the opportunities to innovate, to prototyping and testing the new concepts. During the workshops the facilitator helps the team formulate assumptions, make and execute research plans, generate out-of-the-box ideas, build smart prototypes and testing scenarios. The facilitator pushes the team to go out of their comfort zone into the field and to take new perspectives. He then helps them in analyzing the data and separating the wheat from the chaff. The end result is not just and innovative idea for a new product or service, but a validated offering with a clear value proposition and business model.


Who is it for:

Teams working on innovation projects or searching for ideas for new products, services, business models, etc.


What we’ll deliver:

We’ll facilitate a series of short workshops to:

Uncover hidden customer needs with great potential

Generate new ideas

Prototype concepts

Develop a minimum viable product/service

Test it out in the open Iterate to perfection


What’s in it for your company:

Products and services that set the market trends

Improved skills to work on innovation projects

A blueprint for running future design sprints and a team ready to do it


Improvementlabs at a glance

Customer experience has become a key driver of customer retention and acquisition. Our improvement labs are about making customer experiences flawless, enjoyable and memorable. With our improvement labs we help your team scope complex customer experience improvement projects and plan them like a focused design sprint. We take the lead on estimating the required effort and on planning the needed activities and resources. Through the series of facilitated workshops, we then guide you go through all the phases of the redesign process – from understanding the problem and the drivers of customers experience to prototyping and testing the new concepts and then onto implementation. During each workshop the facilitator helps the team organize their work, facilitates the discussions and visualizes the key insights. The facilitator helps the team stay aligned and focused, and to move forward. The end result is better customer experience that everybody buys in.


Who is it for:

Teams that work on understanding, improving and differentiating the customer experience: with a product, service, a portfolio of offerings or the overall brand with the main web portal or mobile application at a retail location or the whole retail network with a specific channel (call centre, web portal, etc.) or across channels with a specific department (sales, installation, post-sales service, etc.)


What we’ll deliver:

We’ll facilitate a series of short workshops to:

Define the main customers and their journeys

Evaluate the experiences your company currently generates

Define the right challenges to solve

Generate new ideas – going through a multitude of possibilities in order to choose the best ones

Prototype and test actual representations of possible solutions

Implement the best results – bringing validated solutions to life.


What’s in it for your company:

Improved customer experience

Improved skills to work on customer experience improvement projects

A blueprint for running future design sprints and a team ready to do it


Strategylabs coming soon