Customer Journey Mapping – online sprint for remote teams


We never met teams that didn’t care about the success of their projects. Yet we see poor service design everywhere.

Тhe good news is that most organizations are already aware of the need to redesign their services. The bad news is that companies are facing big challenges in doing it remotely. How to understand the customers needs while having no direct contact with them, how to map the end-to-end journey while everybody is at home, and even harder how to easily analyse it and propose improvements. There is no formula. We, at launchlabs… created one.

As a first small step towards innovation and agility we created our Customer Journey Remote Sprints – a customizable program for virtual sessions where multidisciplinary teams map and visualize together the experience of their customers by mapping out the client journey in detail.   

 Why start with a customer journey?

The focus of companies is quickly shifting from an organization centric view to a customer centric view. The assurance of high client satisfaction requires involvement of multiple units within the company, as the touchpoints of the customer with one or another service depend on different departments. 

But customers don’t care about different departments – they expect to get their job done. And this is how people from separate units should act when they map the experience of their clients – as a whole, not in silos. In this sense consider the customer journey mapping as a first step towards agility. 

Essentially, the Customer Journey Remote Sprint will allow the team to map all the company operations related to a specific service from the perspective of overall relationship with the customers. 

Why do it virtually?

We guided companies through Journey mapping projects and we found out that for this specific case online collaboration brings even more value to our customers. Imagine after a half-day journey mapping workshop in a room, how it’s your turn to digitize all the work in a way that is easy to use for all. Now compare it with a session where it’s all digital per se.

What you’ll get? 

 We will start with a prep with the project owner (2 hours)

This sprint is tailored for teams and managers who want to shift to an agile way of working by improving and keeping on track their customer’ satisfaction. We’ll have to download all the necessary information that will help us customize the sprint and maximize the outcomes.   

 Understanding your customers is crucial (3 weeks)

The main difficulties in finding valuable insights from journeys come from the lack of real data to support them. This is why we conduct qualitative and quantitative research, which will lead to the most detailed and accurate information. Including the profiling of customers.    

⇒ Train your team in digital tools for journey mapping (2 hours)

Yes, we have prepared all the tools for co-creation, the online whiteboards, the workshop flow and interesting activities that keep the group energy high throughout all the work sessions. With this training session we’ll get your team ready to use all that. 

 3 deep-dive/interactive journey mapping workshops (3 hours each)

Each workshop represents the steps of a classic service design sprint. 

  • The kick-off session is dedicated to the preparation of the research;
  • The second workshop consists of the journey mapping itself; 
  • The last session is dedicated to adjustment of the journey and the generation of solutions on how to improve the customer experience. 

 Follow-up Coaching (2 x 45 minutes)

2 times 45-minutes follow-up coaching sessions for better transfer of the insights and generated solutions into actionable steps. 

Overall duration for the team 

Your team will spend less than 2 days in workshops and training sessions, spread out in 4 weeks. 

Now, let’s make your customers’ journey the first step of your company’s journey towards agility and innovation. Need more information to decide? Request a presentation or book a free 1-hour one-one session by dropping us a line at or directly schedule a meeting with us here.