Redesigning Strategy: Remote Sprint for Strategy Planning

Create your strategic goals and transform them into a clear action plan in short and effective sprints.  

In the last months we completely redesigned our portfolio to fit the new sudden needs of companies for remote work and fast change. We guided companies through different projects and we found out that some of the services we started performing online bring even more value to our customers when done digitally. 

Here is why we’re introducing our Remote Strategy Sprints – a customizable program for virtual strategic planning sessions. 

What have we actually developed ? 

A recipe for accelerated virtual work where teams remotely align on strategic goals and set new business objectives. Each session is customized for the specific needs of the teams and is facilitated by the experts at launchlabs Sofia.

By providing a collaborative virtual environment, a structured work format and a flow that keeps the energy high from beginning to end, we are saving companies and their agile teams time and efforts to digitize and easily access the output of their strategic work. 

It is tailored for management teams who want to compress these 2-days strategic retreats into a short, productive and collaborative session with tangible deliverables. All the output will be created digitally and thus will be accessible for every participant.  

What you’ll get?

Our tried and tested recipe for a remote strategic sprint will bring your team the following output:

  • Strategy goals and scope that all team members support

An aligned team around the strategic objectives. In addition the team will map what would be their challenges and agree around their guiding principles when implementing the strategy.  

  • Clear backlog with milestones that support a common vision

Listing tasks on a timeline is important. How about a step back to reflect what is the desired state that your team wants to achieve and what are the key milestones? That would take out of the timeline some unnecessary tasks.    

  • Common metrics elaborated and agreed by the whole team    

Who said setting KPI’s is boring? Not when done collaboratively. Prepare to be surprised.   


  • 2-hour prep with project owner  

Prior to the Remote Strategic Sprints we spend a total of 2-hours with the project owner to download all the necessary information and customize the session. 

  • 2 x half-day online workshops

The strategic sessions are held in a virtual environment where launchlabs Sofia have prepared all the tools for co-creation, the online whiteboards, the workshop flow and interesting activities that keep the group energy high throughout the whole work. 

  • 2-hour coaching for the team

After the 2 workshops we deliver 2×45-minute follow-up coaching sessions for better transfer of the strategic goals into actionable steps. 

Now, let’s start redesigning remotely. To request a presentation or book a free 1-hour one-one session drop us a line at or directly schedule a meeting with us here.